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Profit From Pinterest

This “Profit From Pinterest” video training course is the first offering in a planned series of products to be labelled “Profits Platoon”, and comes from Robert Corrigan and Barry Joyce. At the time of writing I have not had a chance to review the actual product, but having bought from Robert in the past and received excellent value this is one that I am certainly going to be purchasing for myself and will post a review in due course.

I firmly believe that this video training course is going to be superb value for all those looking to expand their business through the Pinterest platform, especially with the launch week discount (from 13th to 17th November 2017) bringing the price to only $17!!!

I have specially selected $350 worth of bonuses which I feel will be useful in getting the most out of your new product. You can check out the bonuses HERE.

If you are already aware of the potential value of adding Pinterest activity to your business portfolio and don’t want to hang around then you can go straight to the Profit from Pinterest website and get the lowdown straight from the horse’s mouth by clicking here:

or for more background from me just read on……………

Why Pinterest?

Did you know the following???……

  • Pinterest is very different from platforms such as Facebook and Instagram
    • It is NOT a social media platform!!
    • It IS a search engine
  • Pinterest is rated 3rd in the world for referral traffic
  • Pinterest is the 4th most popular networking site
  • 68% of Pinterest users are women (known to be more likely overall to make purchases)
  • 28% of Pinterest users have a bachelors degree or higher
  • The majority of Pinterest users are in the $25K – $75K earnings bracket
    • Over half fall into the 25 – 44 years age bracket
  • Pinterest was the fastest site in history to achieve 10,000,000 (ten million) UNIQUE users
  • Shoppers referred by Pinterest are 10% more likely to make a purchase
  • Pinterest has now launched video ads
    • Projected video ad spend across the Internet for 2018 is in excess of $12,000,000,000 (twelve billion dollars) – Forbes


Have the facts and features above got you excited, intrigued and gagging to find out more about the incredible opportunities offered using Pinterest?

They should have!!  They have certainly got my undivided attention.

The Information, Advice and Solutions offered by Profit from Pinterest should put you well on the road to reaping significant benefits in your own business.

Some of the benefits you will see are

  • Pinterest is FREE to use
  • The strategies covered in this training are FREE to use
  • You will put yourself ahead of the curve – Facebook and Google Ads, whilst still extremely effective, are becoming a little “old hat”. This however is bang up to the minute information in one of the fastest growing areas of Online Marketing.
  • Generate FREE traffic
  • Develop multiple income streams
  • Act QUICKLY and you will benefit from a $10 discount off the already low price ($27) for so much relevant and valuable information and training.
    • Simply use the coupon code “launchspecial” at checkout – but hurry!!  Offer ends 17th November 2017.

And what will you get for your small one-time investment?

  • Lifetime Access to Step By Step over the shoulder video training. A total of 15 easy to follow trainings covering the following topics (more than one video on some of these areas):
    • What IS Pinterest?
    • And what exactly do you do on Pinterest?
    • 6 steps to Pinterest Marketing Success
    • Creating the RIGHT Pinterest account
    • Optimising your profile for mass traffic
    • Creating your Boards – your Pinterest Money Making Machines
    • Getting the most out of Pinning
    • Getting followers quickly and safely
    • Pinterest Success Stories
  • Mind Map and Cheat Sheet to help you structure your approach to creating your new revenue streams and suggesting useful resources.
  • Exclusive Access to the dedicated Facebook Group where you will be able to interact with other users of the product.

Nick’s Quick Summary

Profit From Pinterest

Information from Nick
Information from Nick


Hopefully the brief glimpse I’ve given above will have piqued your interest sufficiently to want to know more.

As stated, I have not yet had the chance to test drive this product but based on the subject matter it is claimed to cover, and my foreknowledge of the excellent reputations of the vendors I fully expect it to do “everything it says on the tin”.

I WILL be buying this myself and producing a detailed review.

For further information from the vendors themselves simply go the product page and get stuck in!!

And don’t forget,  when you decide to buy, to use the coupon code “launchspecial” for an immediate $10 discount until the end of the launch period (17th November 2017).

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Advice from Nick
Advice from Nick


All the indications are that Pinterest is trending towards being one of the most significant growth platforms to use in Digital Marketing.

It is very different from some of the other platforms which you may already be using, or considering using.

In order to stay ahead of the game it appears essential that you include Pinterest within your strategy.

In view of the points above, unless you are already a Pinterest expert yourself  it must make “no-brainer” common sense to take advantage of experience and training from somebody who IS a Pinterest expert and already has a system which is working and proven.

Leverage Barry and Robert’s months of hard work, research and testing to implement these ideas in your business – without the cost of months of work and thousands of dollars to develop the system yourself!!

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Solutions from Nick
Solutions from Nick


Well, if you are wondering how to best take advantage of the growing influence of Pinterest in the Digital Marketing Universe there appears to be an excellent solution right here!

Amongst the many “Pro’s” in favour of the “Profit from Pinterest” system are:-

  • Premium Training from an experienced expert Pinterest Marketer
  • Full step by step over the shoulder videos with full guidance all the way
  • You really can get started within minutes just following and implementing the training
  • Dedicated Support Desk to solve any issues arising
  • Incredible Value with excellent launch discount for early Action Takers and 100% 30 day Money Back Guarantee for peace of mind.

As part of the impartial approach which is my intended trade mark I will always endeavour to point out all the “Cons” which occur to me. I also encourage you to actively participate in discussion on any and all subjects which I publish here in my blog. So, just before I cover the “Cons” side of things I would just like to re-iterate that I will respond to any legitimate comments made – so long as they are NOT SPAM!!!!!

Anyway, at this stage and before I get the opportunity to actually use and review the product I have to be honest and say that for me personally there are no valid reasons not to purchase this product.

The price is excellent value – especially with the launch discount.

The pedigree of the vendors is impeccable to my knowledge.

The subject matter has huge relevance to my business – and I suspect to all of your businesses too!!

If for any reason I find the information not to be as advertised; or if it doesn’t work for me after applying it diligently for 30 days – then I have the cast iron money back guarantee so that I can then go and find something else to invest in!!

Of course, I don’t need to remind you all that once the information is in your hands it is up to YOU to put it into practice. No system in this Universe will work for anybody not prepared to give it a proper go.

So on that basis my Personal Recommendation is BUY! BUY! BUY!  – NOW – before the price goes up. Invest a small amount of your cash and a sufficient amount of your time to set your business en route to multiple income streams in a buoyant, growing market!

And don’t forget to check out the useful bonuses selected to complement the course!!


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      Thoroughly enjoyed your candid writing about your life and family.
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      I am not familiar with Pinterest. So I thank you for the information
      and the introduction to the product about it.

      Best wishes to you-

      • Nick Everest

        Many thanks for your interest Jack. very best wishes to you too.

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