Digital Marketing Information, Advice and Solutions

Mission Background

My name is Nick Everest. My mission in developing this website is specifically to serve YOU, as an information seeker, subscriber or customer.

You may be an experienced Internet Marketer. Or possibly a “Newbie”.  Some of you may be weighing your options while looking for a business model to suit you.

Spacecraft on a mission
On A Mission

Whatever your situation there should be items to interest you. The same applies if you are simply seeking interesting articles related to Internet Marketing. Even if you are not interested in Internet Marketing at all but just curious!!

I wish to state from the outset that I have only been seriously involved in Internet Marketing since 2016. I am most definitely NOT a “Guru”, so please don’t think that I am going to teach you instant and infallible ways to make millions of dollars on line.  (They don’t actually exist, by the way.  All worthwhile achievement requires time and application!!  This is real life, after all.)

What I am, however, is an intelligent and literate man with a wide variety of life experience.

I like to say it as it is.

I pride myself on a lifetime track record of absolute trustworthiness and integrity.

Please check out my bio pages for more on my background.

Raison d’etre for the mission

This site aims to pass on various Information, Advice and Solutions which I have come across in developing my own business. It is important to me that this is done in the context of the qualities mentioned above.

Communication and relationship building is at the heart of the mission
Mission – Communicate

By remaining transparent, trustworthy and interesting I am looking to build a solid and mutually beneficial relationship with you.

Many of the tips and content I offer will be as a result of my own direct experiences. Others may be in the form of  information passed on by more experienced marketers. A few may even originate from some of the “Gurus” whom I have learned to trust since starting on this business journey!!  And yet others will be my opinion only.

Whichever of the mentioned scenarios applies I will be endeavouring to make everything absolutely transparent. I will be clearly stating the evidence I have to back up what I am saying. I will attempt to provide balanced views and highlight both good and bad points where appropriate thus seeking to ensure that all content has genuine value for you.

This site is monetised. It is after all part of my business so if you click on any advertisement or affiliate link on this site it may well result in me earning a commission. Thank you in advance!

Intended Mission Audience

I sincerely hope and trust that all my visitors, users and subscribers will find my site useful. However, my main focus will be on serving those of you who are “Newbies” and/or “Silver Surfers” – these being categories which could well be said to apply to myself!

In particular the blog section of this site is aimed at recording all my Digital Marketing activities both successful and not so successful. I am hoping that this will particularly help those of you seeking to follow my path and build an online income. Simply avoiding my mistakes and ignoring my “red herrings” should help you to achieve your own success in a faster time frame.

Intended Mission Scope

This website will address all Internet Marketing related issues as and when I come across them in the development of my business.  Example subject matter will include:

  • General Business Matters

    • Planning and Research
    • Set Up and Development
    • Personal Development
  • Digital Marketing Business Areas

    • Affiliate Marketing
    • Blogging
    • ECommerce
    • Email Marketing
    • List Building
    • Product Creation
    • Social Media
  • WebsiteWeb Site Design

    • Design
    • Hosting
    • Technical

  • Product Reviews (Good and Bad)

    • Products Recommended and Used By Myself
    • Products Recommended by Others I Trust
    • Products of Potential Interest
  • People Reviews (Good and Bad)

    • Product Creators
    • Gurus
    • Anyone else of interest

This list is by no means exhaustive and will be added to as my business develops.

A key goal for me is to build interactivity with yourself and I am actively encouraging you to give feedback, ask questions and make suggestions regarding anything you see, or would like to see, covered.