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Pic of Nick Everest
Receding Hairline?

Who am I?

My name is Nick Everest and I am a 60-something Brit living and working in Sheffield, (Socialist Republic of) South Yorkshire – the Home of Stainless Steel.  How much of that is up for change – who knows?

I was born in Leith, Scotland in 1958; brought up and schooled in the Isle of Wight; trained in Southampton, spent 12 years at sea and have since lived in Yorkshire (twice), Kashmir, Uganda (twice), Snowdonia, Sudan, Sumatra, Malaysia, Swansea (twice), Kent, Herefordshire, Wiltshire and London – not necessarily in that precise order!


So, what have I done in my life?

I have a background as a Mechanical Engineer, initially training as an Engineer Officer in the UK Merchant Navy before selling mechanical sealing solutions for rotating machinery and then moving on to building and refurbishing Hydro-Electric Power Stations and large scale water control systems.

Much of my working life has been spent overseas but I have also found the time to work in the UK in areas as diverse as tourism, healthcare and even an Internet Helpdesk call centre. I have also run my own businesses in Group Travel, Direct Sales & Marketing and Photography.

And what are my interests?

I am currently most interested in Digital Marketing and Network Marketing and I also help run a family Photo Library business.

Outside of those business related interests I have at various times enjoyed:

  • Sailing
  • Playing Rugby
  • Travelling
    • The world
    • Europe
    • UK
  • Driving
  • Motorcycling
  • Car and bike maintenance
  • Camping
  • Hiking
  • Swimming
  • Skiing (Alpine)
  • Water skiing
  • Windsurfing
  • Reading
  • Photography
  • Cooking
  • Gardening
  • DIY
  • Spreadsheets!!  Yes, boring I know, but fascinating!!

How about Family?

In between all these activities I found the time to go through 3 marriages and produce 3 children – 2 girls and a boy.

Three marriages!! Maybe that’s why I need to be building my online businesses? It’s a really good job that I enjoy it so much.

My eldest daughter and one of my grandsons
Gorgeous Matching Smiles


My older daughter and number one child Marie still lives in her childhood home county, the Isle of Wight.

She and her husband Jon have their own manufacturing business, but have also found the time and energy to produce SIX beautiful children of their own.

If they don’t find out soon what has been causing it she could end up rivalling her maternal grandmother who had 14!






Here are my 6 grandchildren from Marie and Jon.






This is my son Iain with his wife Marie and their family.  Iain is also still living in the Isle of Wight and is one of our nation’s too often unsung heroes – a paramedic.





My youngest daughter Kirsty still lives with me in Sheffield, and is training to become a Dental Nurse.

As you can probably see, she is my treasured souvenir of the time I spent in Uganda, East Africa.





I also have a stepson – Kirsty’s half brother Hered.

Here they both are examining a stone on Aonach Mor whilst on holiday in Scotland in 2004.






Here’s Kirsty aged 7 winning her sprint race at the Lochinver Highland Games in August 2006





When she was younger she loved her food.  Much more (too!!) fussy now as a teenager.






This is my cat Tigger









And I always wanted a dog…..but he croaked!!



To find out more about me and the story of my online journey please check out these blog posts under “About Me” in the menu at the top of the page, or simply click here for the next enthralling instalment……