Control Your Own Data

You can use the forms and buttons on this page to take complete control of your own personal data held by us. Your rights over your data are explained in our Privacy Policy Clause 5.

Many of your rights involve accessing your data. The following three forms are intended for use to exercise the rights described above each. Time frames for response and a statement regarding possible charges can be viewed HERE.

The email address associated with your data is required for successful completion of these requests. All non-anonymised data collected by us is filed against your email address. If you have never given us an email address there will be no personal data on you stored anywhere in our databases.

If you are a registered user of our website and are logged in, the data accessed will be that for the identity you have logged in as, and you will not see an email address box with the form.

If you are not logged in then you will be asked to enter the appropriate details before submitting the form or clicking the button.

In the event of any difficulties using the facilities on this page, please contact us using the Complaints Form, or by emailing [email protected].

The right to access the personal data I hold about you

Use this button to simply request a download of the data I hold. You will probably want to do this before, for instance, requesting a rectification.

Your request will generate an email to the requesting address with links to downloads in either .xml or .json format.  You can download either or both dependent on your requirements. For instance you may be wishing to transfer or copy your data to another Data Processor, in which case they will advise the best format to send them.

Both formats are readable in any text editor (eg Notepad). For further information please use a search engine, as the potential uses you may have for your data are far too numerous for us to give specific advice here!!

The right to have your personal data rectified

Use this form to request rectification of erratic data or a change of your personal contact details (eg email address).

The right to be forgotten

Use this “Close my account” button to request action on this right. We will immediately take steps to delete all personal data which we have collected on the lawful basis of consent.

However if we are also holding data on the lawful basis of legitimate interest (for instance if we have been involved in any business transaction with you), or where we may be required to retain data for statutory reasons or by a statutory authority then the data will be retained for as long as the lawful basis continues. If possible, and as soon as possible, such data will be anonymised so that it can no longer be linked to your identifying details.

As you will appreciate, except in the simplest of consent-only cases, this process may take a little time.

Other rights under GDPR

For the exercising of any other rights as required under law and as set out in our Privacy Policy, or in the event of any issues arising out of GDPR Requests please email us at [email protected] or use any of the contact methods listed on our Contact Us page.

Control of Cookies

Cookies are small text only files placed in your browser to store information which helps optimise your interaction with our site.
They do not hold any personal data as such, and are not executable so are not malicious or dangerous.
However, because they may store data which can identify, for instance, your IP address; your browser type; your device etc, they are deemed to come under data protection regulations and you have the right to accept their use or not.

On the first occasion on which you accessed our site you should have been presented with a Cookie Consent bar and will have set your Privacy Preferences as to which types of cookies you were or were not willing to accept.

If you need for whatever reason to change those preferences at any time you can do so using the button below.

To find out about the cookies this site uses please check out our Cookie Policy.


We take your security and privacy extremely seriously, and believe we have taken all reasonable steps to maximise your protection and well being.

In the event of any issues arising you do hav the right under law to report these directly to the Data Protection authorities. However, we would ask that as a first step you always bring such matters to our early attention so that we can where possible rectify them immediately.

Please use the complaints form below in the first instance to gain our fastest response. Again, your email address will be required so that we can respond!