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Instant Social Profits 2.0

This is my honest review of David Fearon’s Instant Social Profits 2.0 – a comprehensive training program taking you through all aspects of creating, setting up, managing and monetising Facebook Groups.


The Issues

In order to be useful and valuable, all products reviewed by Digital Marketing With Nick are selected because they provide, or attempt to provide solutions to issues faced by my target niche – which I loosely describe as “Silver Surfer Marketers”.

Occasionally an outstanding product comes along – and in my view Instant Social Profits 2.0 is one of these! – which has so many benefits that I could write a book about them. But in order to keep my reviews to a manageable size I select what I feel are the biggest “pain points” for my audience, and in this case they are:

  • Have YOU been struggling to make income on line?
  • Are you despairing of ever building a quality list to promote to?
  • Do you find it difficult getting to grips with the technicalities of setting up websites and blogs?
  • Are you tired of buying products that promise the earth, and deliver only dust?

Well, I know exactly what that feels like and I believe that Instant Social Profits 2.0 COULD be that rare gem that brightens your life and kicks off that income generation that you so desire.

The Background

Lets look at the background.

Facebook Groups are widely regarded as goldmines just waiting to be exploited.

The basic concept is that you create, build and control a tribe of members who are interested in your particular niche. There is nothing to prevent you creating groups in as many niches as you like, but do bear in mind that they will be looking to you for guidance and leadership, so don’t spread yourself too thinly, and don’t BS them – only use niches that you have a genuine interest in or knowledge of.

There are well known 7 figure marketers such as Caleb O’Dowd who have made Facebook Groups their primary business arena because of the rewards to be earnt.

Other prominent marketers are even completely ditching their affiliate marketing or product creation business models to move full-time into this lucrative arena.

At the moment this opportunity is barely having its surface scratched, and with thousands of new Facebook users daily joining the billions of  existing members around the globe it is not a market place that is likely to ever be saturated!!

Those billions of active users between them have probably millions of different interests – so your choice of niche is wide open too!

Features and Benefits

Skills and Experience Required?

This is one of those areas where absolutely no special skills or experience are required.

If you can read, and if you can follow simple, comprehensive over-the-shoulder video training and demonstrations then you will find it easy to learn all you need to know from just the Front End of Instant Social Profits 2.0.

It is my firm belief that ANYONE – anyone that is who is prepared to knuckle down, follow the comprehensive training, and most importantly PUT IT INTO ACTION – can Create their own Real Living Online.

Investment Required?

I always go on the principle that there are two main types of investment that we can make into our future success – Time and Money. Some opportunities can be purchased. Some can be maximised simply by putting enough quality time and effort into them. Most require a mixture of both, and any opportunity that claims to need neither is almost certainly pie in the sky.


Initial Investment

To gain your access to Instant Social Profits 2.0 you will only need to invest the price of a takeaway pizza in order to access the front end training – which by the way is ALL you need to create and operate a successful business.

There are a range of completely optional upgrades if you want information or training on very advanced aspects of expanding and scaling your business and these are all described later in the section on the funnel.

Ongoing Costs

It is entirely possible to follow the ISP 2.0 guidance to create and operate your business exclusively on the Facebook platform which is totally free to use. However, in order to scale up more quickly or to reduce your personal workload you may decide to invest in outsourcing.

For instance, with video fast becoming the only realistic way to gain and retain attention online you may want to buy in video creation services – you will find my ISP 2.0 bonuses useful to get you started!

Most businesses eventually find it necessary to include paid advertising in their business model. The key here is to ensure that the resultant profits exceed the advertising spend.

Time and Effort

As in all real life scenarios, NOTHING happens if no actions are taken. the time frames for implementing the Instant Social Profits 2.0 training will be entirely dependent on YOUR focus and application.

It is perfectly possible to implement each step of the training as you work through it, so you should easily be able to create and set up your first group in your first session. Once you know what you are doing the initial set up of subsequent groups can literally be achieved in minutes!

Thereafter the time taken to begin generating revenue will be entirely dependent on the quality of the content and the engagement that you create. Like any solid business, you need to put in sufficient time and effort, but if you nurture your tribe, and simply introduce them to congruent products, digital or physical – if they trust and respect you, they will buy from you.

Technical Knowledge Required?


Instant Social Profits strategies can be carried out ENTIRELY on the Facebook platform if you wish – in which case Facebook itself looks after all your hosting requirements.

As your business grows you may find yourself wanting to expand your internet real estate, and a website with blog is generally regarded as being necessary to form the hub of your activities – but it is NOT a requirement

Auto Responders?

Facebook itself knows who all the members of your group are, and gives you the ability and tools to reach them simply from within the Facebook platform itself. So you do not have to go into all the intricacies of building, maintaining and emailing lists where many of the email addresses may not even ever be checked by their owners!!

Having said that, email marketing is still one of the most lucrative marketing activities and you should give consideration to expanding into list building once your new business is off the ground.

Advanced Training on these aspects is included in Upgrade 3.

Quality of Product and Integrity of Vendor

The last major “area of pain” that I’m covering in this review is that of over promising and under delivering – an issue with more than 90% of the digital products flung up on line every day by unethical or inexperienced marketers.

You know the ones I mean – they promise the earth; instant riches by simply pushing a button; often over-priced – that sort of thing.

And then, after a few weeks of not working as described, or even not working at all; and with no response whatsoever from the “support desk”; they disappear, never to be seen again until another unscrupulous fraudster copies them and relaunches them for a repeat performance to a new audience of unsuspecting newbies – lambs to the slaughter as it were.

Anyway, Instant Social Profits 2.0 is definitely NOT one of “those” products (in my humble opinion).

Vendor – David Fearon

From my own personal experience I can fully endorse the integrity of David Fearon, Facebook Groups guru and firm believer in over-delivery! He is fully qualified to train you in all aspects of the subject, having built multiple Groups in various niches with memberships of up to 30,000.

David has a strong track record in delivering incredible value for money, and is one of those vendors who aims to improve the lives and businesses of his customers first and foremost, getting his satisfaction and payback from the joy of helping YOU to succeed.

The Product

Following the success of last year’s Instant Social Profits 1.0 and prompted by the recent changes to the way Facebook operates, ISP 2.0 takes you step by step through the process of niche selection, group set up, group member nurturing and consequent niche related income with a comprehensive array of videos, PDFs, examples and case studies that has truly been a labour of love. It draws on David’s more than 4 years’ experience and success using Facebook Groups to create a Real Living Online.

OK, like any training product the scene changes with time and aspects of the underlying platform could eventually render it redundant.
But I believe that by creating ISP 2.0 from scratch, only a year after producing the excellent ISP 1.0; and in response to the major changes introduced by Facebook during that year, that David has proven his commitment to his customers and to his product.

He has created a situation where you, so long as you act now, can gain for yourself the expertise required to set up successfully right away and thereby make yourself more than competent to cope with any future changes yourself.

In addition, one of the upgrades is a monthly membership which will keep you up to date with Facebook developments; their consequences; and the solutions. All David’s customers are also invited to join his customer-only Facebook group where issues are regularly aired and discussed to the benefit of all members.

The Downsides

You will probably have realised by now that I am genuinely impressed by ISP 2.0.
However, my policy and philosophy is to produce balanced reviews and therefore I have looked hard at potential downsides.
I have to say, hand on heart, that I genuinely cannot find any fault whatsoever within the product itself, but there are external influencing factors which you should consider before you invest yourself.

Facebook Evolution

Facebook as a platform is now and always will be free to use. However long time users will be keenly aware that over the years the organic (or FREE) reach of your posts has steadily reduced, and businesses are increasingly having to pay to reach their audiences through advertising.

This has affected Groups far less than it has profiles and Business pages, but you need to be aware that at some time in the future you may need to invest in order to maximise your returns.

Just be aware that this is normal business practice – and you will be running your groups as businesses – so it is an issue to be aware of, not to be scared of.

The single best thing you can do to minimise the effects of such changes is to ACT NOW, get your groups built NOW – make hay while the sun shines – and then you will be in the ideal position to tweak your successful business model in response to the changes as and when they occur.

Pay to Play – The Future?

It is worth bearing in mind that Facebook is slowly but surely moving towards a pay-to-play model. This currently affects Facebook Groups far less than it does Personal Profiles or Business Pages, since any group member visiting the group will be able to see all the posts in the group. But overall organic reach is being restricted, and Facebook are asking business owners to advertise (ie pay) in order to reach the larger audiences.

This is not necessarily a bad thing – especially if you are able to build a substantial following NOW, FOR FREE. By running your business properly and sensibly, and by establishing your statistics now, you will soon be in a position to create and target ads PROFITABLY – like ALL the current millionaire marketers do already.

Situations Outside Your Control

If you do operate entirely on the Facebook platform you could be potentially vulnerable should you break any terms, conditions or policies.

Suspension or cancellation of your account would mean closure of your business.
however, the front end training in ISP 2 fully addresses all currently known potential breaches and gives solid advice on how to avoid them.

Having Internet Real Estate over which you have full control, such as a website, is as previously stated not totally necessary, but is something you may like to consider developing in time in order to mitigate the effects of any future issues with your Facebook account.

The Funnel

Front End

For a video walk through of the front end content simply watch the video on this page from 12:06 (12 mins 6 secs from the start).

Suffice to say that even if you only purchase the Front End, at the incredible value offered ($9.97!!!!) you will have everything you need to learn how to create, set up, manage, maintain and monetise Facebook Groups. It is worth the fee simply for the pitfall avoidance advice on its own!!

All the upgrades are truly optional. You will NOT need them in order for the product to work. The Front End Product IS complete as a standalone package.

(However, the upgrades do contain valuable added benefits which could save you time (and therefore money) as your business progresses. I strongly suggest that you consider them carefully.)

There are 35 videos across the 19 Modules listed below in the $9.97 Front End:

  • Introduction
  • Recent FB changes
  • Focus
  • Niches
  • Group Set Up
  • Traffic
  • Customers
  • Spammer warning signs
  • Group Rules
  • Set Up for Success
  • Perfect Posting
  • What to Sell
  • Competition
  • Content for Cash
  • Driving Engagement and Sales
  • Announcements
  • Content Visuals
  • Monetising
  • Conclusion

A full audio collection of the training content is included as a vendor’s bonus, together with other useful bonuses contributed by various well-known marketers. Again see the video from 12:06 onwards for details.


You may often be put off when there are a whole load of upsells and downsells. I know that I usually am!

However, I am not personally going to hold that against this product because it is so comprehensive and flexible that I believe the range of options is needed to cover all potential customers’ needs.

Upgrade 1

Upgrade 1 goes into niche selection in far greater detail.

This has been prompted by feedback David received after publishing the original ISP 1.0. Historically, niche selection looks to be one of the biggest hurdles for many would-be marketers, so this upgrade lists niche selection ideas complete with hyperlinks, as well as links to other already successful Facebook Groups.

But that’s not all. There is also a massive list of wholesalers and dropshippers from whom you can source products to offer to your groups as they grow.

AND to top it all there is a comprehensive collection of pre-written articles for you to use in creating your own high value, high interest posts to your groups.

Excellent Value at $37 (with $17 less comprehensive downsell option).

Upgrade 2

This is a 6 week live group coaching program with David Fearon.

Get it straight from the horse’s mouth for $197 (downsell available with restricted access for $97).

Upgrade 3

This is an absolutely huge video upgrade with multiple PDFs which complements ISP perfectly.  Includes 12 Advanced techniques (video & 5 info/value packed PDFs). David expands and goes deeper into EXACTLY how to expand both with physical and digital products.

He also goes deeper into how to apply the fundamentals to affiliate marketing with a heavy leaning on relationship building within your groups to really start making the big dollars.

This one requires an investment of $47, again with a restricted content downsell option at $27.

Upgrade 4

This is yet another HUGE video (10) training upgrade. This really is the icing on the cake, drawing on ALL of David’s advanced methods/techniques etc that keep his groups growing and the cash rolling in  – includes a huge 100 page traffic based PDF “Traffic Flood”.

$97 with a $47 downsell option

Upgrade 5

This is the membership option, and gives you access to ALL of David’s previous successful products fo a monthly fee of $37 with a seven day trial on offer at $7.


So there you have it – a blockbuster of a product that is suitable for all, newbie or experienced marketer alike. To quickly summarise all the points in no particular order:

  • Simple, Highly profitable, can be applied to ANY niche
  • Exploits FREE traffic from Facebook
  • Works for ANY product, digital or physical
  • ANYONE can do this – EVERYTHING you need included in this amazingly detailed training
  • Possibly the easiest method ever
  • Free easy traffic…forever
  • Completely newbie friendly
  • ZERO cost setup
  • Setup in minutes
  • Easy step by step training
  • Overnight Guru – sorted
  • Easily scale to your heart’s content (and that of your bank balance)
  • All on the Facebook platform so you can make money from your mobile, your mac or your pc with equal ease.
  • Use social media groups to create a Real Living Online.
  • Create your own arenas, where you are the leader, the influencer, the go to guru, the money maker.
  • ISP 2.0 follows on where 1.0 left off, and is a complete masterclass in how to set up, fine tune and manage your own Facebook Groups – no stone is left unturned

Digital Marketing With Nick’s Bonuses

My bonuses have been carefully selected to help you get your Facebook Groups off the ground with eye-catching video content to attract and retain your visitors’ and members’ attention.

For Front End Investors

A pack of 100 short videos, with soundtracks, specially formatted to suit facebook posts, on the theme of Inspirational Quotes.

For Investors in ANY Upgrade

As well as the Inspirational Quotes video pack you will receive a further pack of 100 short videos on the theme of Marketing Quotes.

For Investors in Upgrade 2 – Coaching Package

In addition to the above two video packs, I will create for you an eye catching, brand building animated version of your own logo similar to my own example below (other designs are available and can be discussed when you claim your bonus)

Please note that to claim this bonus you will first have to acquire your own logo if you don’t have one already! (I can help point you in the right direction).

Bonus Claim Instructions

Simply email your bonus request including your Warrior + transaction details to

[email protected]

Nick’s Ratings for ISP 2.0

I don’t say this about too many products, but overall I can’t find any reason to award anything less than a perfect score on this occasion!!

Relevance:5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
Quality:5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
Newbies:5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
Others:5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
Value:5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
Average:5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


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