I wanted to share this email with you because it makes me feel GOOD!!!!!

It shows what is possible when you put your mind to something.

To be perfectly honest, although I actually started this blog (my first ever) around a year ago now, I had allowed myself to be sidetracked into another project for our family business and I have only recently got properly stuck in. Still a long, long, long way to go mind – but this encouraging feedback certainly helps me to focus on what I need to do to achieve my goal of financial independence through my online business.

For many Digital Marketers their blog is a major element in their online presence.  Even though so much actual contact now happens on the Social Media platforms, a good solid website and blog is still the hub of things – the keystone which prevents all the other facets of your brand collapsing in on themselves.

Anyway, I recently applied to become an affiliate of one of the largest and most popular companies in their field and one which counts a large percentage of all online marketers amongst their customers. I was accepted, which was great for me and my future earning potential, but the real heart warmer for me was this email which I recently received from one of their account managers.

I make no apologies for blowing my own trumpet here – the remarks they have made tell me that my desired messages of

1) genuinely caring about my visitors, users and subscribers; and of

2) trying to ensure that I give out the best possible information have made themselves clear to someone I have never met before.

That tells me that I must be doing something right!!

And just to put the icing on the cake, they go on to tell me that not only is the message coming through loud and clear but that my website itself is AMAZING!!!!

OK, so that is only one person’s opinion. But boy does it make me feel good!!!  My very first ever Testimonial!!!!!  Someone out there appreciates my efforts!!

The email is reproduced below, with identifying details redacted because I just felt that was the right thing to do??!!


Hello Nick,


My name is XXXXXXX with the XXXXXXXXX Affiliate Department. I would like to personally extend the welcome into our affiliate program!  We are happy for you to be joining us!

I have been looking at your website, nickeverest.com. It shows that you care about what your audience sees and that they get the best information possible! 

I have identified a best practice that I believe would drive a significant amount of sales for your site!

  • A “How to Start a Blog” post!This will be the first step for your audience to start their online business. You will be able to walk your audience through the whole process, finding a niche, domain name and hosting, WordPress installation, building the site, ect. I have seen amazing results with our affiliates that do this article. For visibility to the post, I recommend adding a menu item for the post itself. And adding it to the side banner!
  • A Resources Page!This will help with all the companies you work with. This page works best when you have content as to what the companies are and how you use this! This works best as a menu item!

To help with your conversion rate, I suggest you request a coupon for your customers! We have up to 60% off till the end of the year!

Again, you already have an amazing website, I see amazing potential to drive a significant number of sign ups! If you do any of these, there is great potential that you will climb up the payment tier in no time!

I look forward to working with you!

Thank you,
XXXXXXXXX Affiliate Account Manager

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