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As you may have seen I am currently undertaking a major update of my site, and this page is currently in preparation.

The Pillars of Creation!!

This section will cover E-commerce which at its most basic is selling products (physical and/or digital) through on-line pages or complete on-line stores.

This is a HUGE part of Digital Marketing and can be highly profitable – just think Amazon, eBay, Etsy etc. etc.

All will be based on my own experiences and the knowledge I have gained in my own personal journey. If you would like to see a rock and pop memorabilia and collectibles store which I myself have built from scratch for a client, CLICK HERE to take a look.

Full training on how you too can create such a store for FREE (you do need to spend time, however!) will be available soon for FREE to users of my membership site, due on-line before the end of 2018.

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