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FREE Video Training Course

Well here is an exciting FREE Internet Marketing training course from the 1 Week Income team which will certainly be of significant interest and value to you whatever level you are at in your Internet Marketing career.

For absolute beginners it offers an extremely professional introductory course to all the important basics of Internet Marketing – completely free of charge.

(You can certainly take it from me that if you are a newbie then subscribing to this course is something you absolutely MUST do, even if you end up taking it no further than just completing the free training.)

For intermediate and advanced marketers it will not take you very long at all to suss out that this highly professional free video training course is eminently suitable as a top quality superb value lead magnet to offer to your prospects – and you newbies reading this will not need to be very far into the training before you will grasp the significance of that statement!!

The training is delivered by email over 7 days using clearly presented videos giving a comprehensive introduction to the following topics:

  1. Website and blog setup
  2. Traffic
  3. List Building
  4. Niche Blogs
  5. Product Creation
  6. Product Promotion/Affiliate Marketing
  7. Perfect Sales Funnel

Now as I already mentioned, the training is absolutely free of charge and without any obligation on your part. If you take up the offer through my links in this post then it will actually be delivered by myself (in partnership with Steven Meiracker and Jon Bowtell, the creators). If you just want to follow the training and then put what you learn into developing your business on your own that is fine.

However, as I am sure you would expect, Steven, Jon and myself anticipate and believe that the quality and content of the course will inspire you to take things further and thus there will be relevant offers made both during and at the conclusion of training. Now once again I emphasise – if you do NOT wish to invest in these offers you are not obliged to – and you WILL be able to complete the course and benefit from all the experience and knowledge taught without having to spend a dime.

But if you are serious about building an Internet Marketing business (or developing an extra income stream in an established business) then I am confident that you will see the exciting superb benefits of the prism funnel system introduced during the course – and decide to join us as a 1 Week Income Partner.

The best way to find out more is to sign up for the FREE training (all it will cost you is your time – and I know you will be over the moon with your Return on that Investment!)

All will then be explained as you follow the course – and explained far more effectively than I am able to in a simple blog post, which is why I am not even going to attempt that here!!

What I will do though is just make a few points which I hope will answer some of the thoughts which go through most people’s minds when faced with “yet another IM/MMO product offer”!!:

  • I have personally taken the training course: I found it to be extremely well thought out, professional, impressive and inspiring
  • I have investigated and been suitably impressed by the reputations and track records of Steven Meiracker and Jon Bowtell, the product creators/vendors
  • As a result of what I learnt I have personally joined up as a 1 Week Income Partner
  • I believe the (amazingly low!) investment required to become a 1 Week Income Partner to be excellent value and expect to generate an excellent return on that investment
  • On the basis of the above I thoroughly recommend that you sign up for the FREE training NOW, and strongly believe that you too will see the benefits and the potential for yourself.

(By the way – If you want to know more about me and why I believe you should feel secure in taking my recommendations at face value, please check out my Mission Statement and Bio pages).

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    2 replies to "1 Week Income – FREE Internet Marketing Course"

    • Nick Roberts

      Hi Nick – Its always good to read an article which has been written with conviction. I particularly like to read about something where the author has personally tried something before recommending it to others. I am definitely going to have a look at 1 week income and will let you know how I get on. Thanks. Nick

    • Mukunda Raj Mahat

      Sir Very nice and educational article. I am your daily reader and follower in every social media. Thank You So much and please keep it up. Keep Providing us educational articles like this. Thank You . I just got motivated from this.Thanks a Lot.
      Cheers : Mukunda Raj

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