Potential disaster threatens….

My blog resides in a sub-directory of my domain (, and up to now my domain name has pointed to that root directory (, not directly at the blog.  This was fine during development work – I knew where my blog was and could navigate easily to it, but now I needed to make it easier for YOU to find me, and decided to point my domain name straight at my blog.

Now I understand this is not impossible BUT for heaven’s sake don’t do what I did and just changed my domain name destination without properly considering the implications.  WordPress stores much of your data (posts, comments etc) in a separate database, and if set up like mine also uses internal permalinks to point to various vital items of content.

Now, by effectively changing the address of my blog (from to clever old me has managed to utterly confuse poor old WordPress with the result that I am now faced with the prospect of spending god knows how many hours trying to redo all the hard work of the past month.

I began by apparently losing all my icons and images, but when I realised that they weren’t actually lost but just residing in a directory which effectively had a new address I breathed a sigh of relief; went into my settings and changed everything to reflect the new name of their location; and patted myself on the back for having managed to avoid a potentially nasty situation.

TOO SOON!  So I’ve got my header back. I’ve also recovered all the social media icons I spent most of Week 4 setting up, and I’ve completed my most recent post which had been left in draft before the attempted move.  Fantastic!! – I published this post (or rather I clicked the button which should publish it) and then went from my WP dashboard to my blog in order to check it in situ. 404. 404. Four flaming Zero sodding Four.  Can’t be found!!

Big panic now – unwarranted as it turns out (I hope) – because none of my posts or comments are now anywhere to be seen. Time to belatedly turn to the Word Press help pages and see what I need to do in order to turn disaster into triumph. I soon realised that my data is not lost – posts and comments are stored in the database linked to my blog so I should be able to get to them somehow. Another realisation hits that the database link references the previous address, so all I need to do now is wade through the documentation and (pretending I know what I’m doing) edit, copy and/or move various system files to let WordPress and the database talk to each other again.

All I need to do…………….who do I think I’m kidding? Now I am quite technically minded (I’m a qualified and experienced engineer, after all) BUT like many of us I find myself going cross-eyed at the technical jargon used in programming so I’ll need to tread carefully. First things first as they say, or first things last in my case!! In a classic example of slamming the stable door just as the mighty stallion is leaping the third hedge of his freedom bid I decide that the immediate priority is to back up site and database, so I don’t lose any content even if it is still remaining on different planets.

So that is where I am at right now. Everything backed up and ready for me to do my worst. As I write this I am considering my options before jumping in with both feet again, and as I see it they are:

  1. Usefully educate myself in the mysteries of WordPress configuration and attempt to relink my blog with its data – not a bad option in view of the fact that my future will likely revolve around using WordPress so deeper knowledge can not be a bad thing
  2. Try to create a new database linked from the outset to the new blog location, then restore my backed up data to it – sounds easy enough doesn’t it?
  3. Start from scratch with a new installation of WordPress – after all, I have all my source files and draft posts backed up – how difficult can it be? How long can it take?

So I am leaning towards Option 2 first, since that should be quickest bearing in mind the necessary learning curve before attempting Option 1. Option 3 is the route of last resort.

Now, if you are reading this post it means that I was successful and you can discover which Option worked in a later post.  If I failed – well you won’t be reading this anyway, will you??

So, ever the optimist…………………until next time………..


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