Thank Heavens for WordPress

Problem Solved!!!

In my last post I told the story of my misadventures in attempting to redirect my blog location. I thought I had three options and before leaping in to any of them I just had a few quiet moments reflecting on the best course of action.  I had by now managed to convince myself that the real issue remaining was that the blog and it’s related database were not able to communicate correctly.

Now I still had access to the drafts of all my posts in my dashboard, so in an Einstein flash of inspiration I thought “What will happen if I try publishing these again before I dig myself any deeper?”.

Well, WordPress – heal thyself!!

To cut a long story short – it worked. The missing link restored itself and now all is back as it was. Phew!!!

Now I can press on with the next stage of Partnership to Success, so that’s where I am going.

Until next time…………..

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