In one of my earlier posts I touched briefly on how easy it could be to get distracted – every day almost it seems that a NEW, DIFFERENT, GUARANTEED TO MAKE YOU RICH QUICK product comes on the scene. Of course, if you are attempting to make your way in Internet Marketing and like 95% of us struggling at first to even turn a dime, each new patch of grass can very easily seem greener – each new promise of instant wealth casts our current project into shadow – especially when we’ve had it sitting there on our hard drive for more than 24 hours; having not actually done anything with it yet; and causing us to curse it’s creator because it has not set itself up and filled our bank account to overflowing!!  Sound familiar?

I’m sure we have all been there at one time or another.

Another comment I made in that post was that part of my strategy to avoid distraction was to follow the pathway set by my mentor – now this I am doing: I have diarised the time I am committing to P2S and am now up to Week 4 in John Thornhill’s Partnership to Success programme. BUT I have a confession to make – I am still, and always have been a MAGPIE. I still find myself attracted to those shiny objects, and have indulged myself several times, even since starting  P2S.

HOWEVER – I am keeping myself on track. It takes discipline – but I find that having a plan and diarising specific time to play with these other new toys is crucial. I have even found a way to give and gain extra benefit from my magpie addiction – I will be reviewing each and every one of these products on this site for you as I work my way through them. Oh – one other thing. I have been very good at resisting products which do not fit into my overall long term plan for my business. OK, so that long term plan is currently very broad based but it will become more focussed the more I learn!

OK – I have an appointment with myself and Week 4 of P2S now, so until next time, thanks for following me – I would love to hear about your own shiny objects………..



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    • Jenn

      “I don’t have a short attention span I just… Oh look a kitten!” That line pretty much sums up my life so I can relate. I jump from job to job and hobby to hobby on a regular basis. For the important things I’ve learned the value of routine. Once I develop a habit doing something daily I’m far more likely to just do it rather than go off down one of my rabbit holes. Granted it helps that my body likes to act on muscle memory so the more I repeat something the more likely I am to continue doing it.

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