Watch Out – it’s waking up!!!

The beast stirs

If any of you have been here to my blog before, it won’t have escaped your notice that I haven’t been too active in my blog for quite some time.

Initially I have to admit I hit a real road block in my motivation and application, one which I’m putting down to SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). OK, I haven’t had a diagnosis, but why else would I go into what I can only really class as a depressive state between the end of November and Spring?

Anyway, another factor was involvement in other projects including creating an online shop for the family business – if you would like to have a look it’s here – CameronLife’s Festival Experience Shop.

I’ve also been busy on the technical side with CameronLife, setting up an email and business management structure using Office 365. Then I started making an ongoing series of training videos on the various procedures to use what I’ve set up.

On the Internet Marketing side I did what I’ve always been good at and switched from Action Mode into learning mode – so whilst I now have a far more in depth understanding of how IM works, I still haven’t really seriously applied it – until now, that is.

As a trained engineer I find the technical side of creating a web presence relatively easy, so my other pet project is to set up a business offering Web Consultancy to other small businesses looking to create an online business. I have the “in-house” ability to offer domain name services, web hosting, WordPress site creation, email set up, GDPR set up, social media set up, chatbot setup, mobile app creation and video creation. I can also offer advice and coaching on online marketing and advertising, and have agency arrangements to offer SEO, advanced website creation and content creation amongst others.

So back to Digital Marketing With Nick – with almost 2 weeks off work I have willed myself to throw off the procrastination that has dogged me and have got cracking!!

One of the jobs has been to revitalise this website.  I have changed the theme, am experimenting with my branding, and have brought it fully into compliance (I hope!) with GDPR.

This post is the first of the new content which I plan to regularly post, and you will be seeing a new landing page and additions to the site structure in the next few weeks.

Other activities I have squeezed into this fortnight include creating my first chatbot, which is part of my first serious affiliate marketing promotion. This promo has also led to me creating my first Facebook Ad, from which I have some serious lessons to be learnt!

I’ve also decided on my ongoing niche for this site – I think the current scope is too broad, and in future the site, whilst remaining suitable and hopefully useful for ALL interested visitors, will be slanted more towards the Silver Surfer generation – not least because that is where I am at!!

Following recent interest on my Facebook account regarding my weight loss story, I am also going to include the low carbohydrate lifestyle as a sub-niche.

Now if you are thinking “What place does low carbs have on a Marketing Site?” – well, let’s see shall we?

Anyway, enough blather for now! Can I just ask any of you who are interested in following this blog to keep me on my toes if you see my content posting drop off? Particularly as we’re getting close to November again!

By the way, if you would like to register to receive updates in your email please use the form in the side bar – I can promise you that you will NOT be inundated with marketing offers (unless you choose to be!!). You can check out my Privacy Policy here if you like.

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