The All-Important Email List…..s

Well the third week’s work in my Partnership to Success with John is well under way and I’m grappling with the intricacies of email list building. It’s often stated that in IM “No List” = “No Biz” – it is important to realise however that it is not so much having a large list of subscribers that matters – the REAL meat is in your relationship with your list. And it obviously makes sense to also have separate lists for different categories of subscribers with differing needs and qualities relevant to your business.

With potentially thousands of subscribers over time you need a way of collecting details, organising lists, communicating with your subscribers, building those trusted relationships. In short you need an Email Marketing service at your side 24 hours a day; autoresponders helping to build relationships with subscribers joining at different times; professional, knowledgeable support.

I have found all this and more with one of the most popular services – AWeber. I found the account creation and list set up functions easy and intuitive, with plenty of in context help available in video and text format. In less than an hour I set up my first list complete with the first 2 of an autoresponder email series and an opt-in form on my blog.

Not bad, eh? Not only now open for business, but able to complete transactions too!!

Onwards and upwards…….



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