This blog will chart my journey from being an Internet Marketing, e-Commerce wannabe to earning my entire living on line – and I will be absolutely delighted for you to follow me each step of the way!  It really does start right here, right now, in the first week of September 2016. Nothing I have attempted in this field to date has paid me much more than pin money – so please wish me luck; please follow my progress; and please feel free to comment and question to your heart’s content. I truly hope that my coming pilgrimage will have the power to inspire and encourage those of you who may be interested in undertaking your own odyssey, and at least entertain those of you who are just seeking a real life story to follow.

By way of a little background I have been interested in making money online ever since I returned home from working overseas in 1999 – and if my memory serves me rightly probably even before then, although the total absence of an internet connection – or even a working phone line for that matter! – in the exotic locations (mainly remote, mountainous, dangerous and occasionally even beer-less) where I was living and working have meant that it was only really a peripheral interest for me prior to the Millenium.

However, on my return to live in UK that interest was keenly re-aroused by some of the stories of massive fortunes being earnt on the hyperbolically expanding net. Unfortunately for me the combination of being in a relative comfort zone financially and possessing a vague desire to “do something” rather than a rampant and raging need led me to dabble rather than commit, and due as much to my own lack of true effort as anything else I never really got anything off the ground.  I suppose it was all really still a bit esoteric and unreal to me – so although I still hankered after working for myself I was concentrating on other, more traditional directions at that time.

Having said that, I believe my limited involvement in the intervening years has given me a strong insight into the changing patterns of success as e-Commerce and related activities have evolved. I have seen, tried and moved on from several online business areas and hope those experiences have given me a perspective which may be useful to many of you. Much of my motivation in starting this blog is to assist as much as possible in advising of proposals to be wary of – many of which may have had their day and been left behind, and some of which were just downright scams!!! And on a more positive note, I intend to be pointing out means of avoiding unnecessarily long and expensive learning curves wherever possible. I hope that my experiences related in this blog combined with the wisdom that I am able to pass on from my mentors will be of significant benefit to those of you who decide to follow my path.

One of the most positive aspects of the evolution of the Internet Marketing sphere has been the ever strengthening competition which has led to the elevation of the strong minded and ethical practitioners of the art of Internet Marketing in all its many guises. The environment now is such that the rip-off merchants do not survive for long, and the quality of the knowledge and skills of those at or near the top is all-encompassing. Many of these guys and gals are now at the stage where the mere earning of megabucks has become less of a driver and today they get more of a buzz from passing on their accumulated wisdom and experience to willing students like me – the buzz getting greater the more success a student achieves.

So in a nutshell that is where I am today. I have been taken under the wing of an experienced, successful, respected player in the field, and this blog is my record of my progress and achievements under his guidance. This is a path open to anyone with the desire, tenacity and coachability to see it through, so I trust that many of you reading this from the position I was in until this week will be inspired to tread the same path – with the added advantage of knowing what to expect in advance from following my personal Journey to a New and Better Life.

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    • Michael T Royston

      Hey Nick,

      Well done for diving in and getting going. All of the superstars had to start somewhere and you are just following in their footsteps. Just follow the process and keep going UNTIL you succeed.

      Best Wishes


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