The Big Step – Following a Mentor

OK, this is the last post in the series covering my background and what led me into the decision to seek a mentor.

As I have previously mentioned I have a strong interest in Network Marketing, and my initial plan was to build a NM business to the point where the income was sufficient for me to give up (or at least have the option to give up) my day job.  Whilst the network I am involved in is widely regarded as the best in Europe and one of the 3 best in the world, like all serious NM opportunities it takes time at the beginning to build the foundations of a successful long term business. This was not a problem to me (I always tend to appreciate the long term implications of anything I undertake) UNTIL I started having problems with my joints – specifically my right hip. Very occasionally it has given way under me, and when it is not unstable enough to repeat that inconvenience, the extra strain that supporting it puts on my thigh and lower back muscles leads to occasional excruciating pain, occasionally to the point of incapacitation. When you consider that my current day job involves lifting and carrying heavy weights and stepping up and down into a vehicle as often as a hundred times per shift I am sure you will appreciate that I started looking for alternative income streams with the potential to grow to £300 per week (my breadline) in a much shorter time frame.

Following earlier discouraging experiences I had put my ideas of an Internet Marketing business on the farthest back burner – so far back that I think they had fallen off the cooker! But I am eternally the optimist, and recalling all the positives I had experienced or heard about over the years I decided that I should take another serious look. This time around my need to succeed was far more pressing, and the prospect of earning a living sitting on my backside in my own front room far more alluring due to my developing circumstances.

So after a fair bit of research I decided that blogging was the best entry point, using a blog (or series of blogs) to establish an online presence, then finding ways to monetise those blogs and get some cash flowing! I felt that was something I could do without a huge initial learning curve to get myself out of dependence on having a job.

As with most activities in life, unless you have boundless time, patience, enthusiasm, tenacity, cash even, then the sensible and safe way to learn to become proficient and efficient in a new skill is to find somebody who is already doing it well, then do what they do. In the Internet Marketing world this usually involves some financial investment on your part to purchase information and/or software from your chosen guru.

Of course one of the potential drawbacks can be choosing your guru! There are so many out there who talk the talk – enough to loosen the hind legs of an entire drove of donkeys – but when it comes to walking the walk they manage to totally conceal the fact that they have no legs whatsoever themselves!! In the end you really have to trust to a combination of reputation, referral and gut instinct. And with the inherent capability of the internet-savvy wide boys to manufacture their own reputation through false references and dodgy links, it really often comes down to pure gut instinct – and a shade of luck!

In my case I believe luck was on my side when I found the Blogger’s Roadmap 2016 from Dan Sumner. It was easy to access relevant personal information on Dan; he came across as a decent and trustworthy individual; the content of his offering was informative, interesting, relevant and well worth the price I paid; and I am confident that in the unthinkable circumstance of me deciding a refund was wanted – it would be there, no fuss, no quibble.

But for me personally one of the most significant factors in my buying decision was that Dan lives only 90 miles from me. I am not xenophobic, and have no issue whatsoever with dealing with upfront honest guys from the States, China, Oomigoolieland or anywhere else in the world – but it does put an interesting perspective on things when you have the potential facility to easily go and punch a guy in the face if he bamboozles you!!! No offence intended guys – but certainly for me accessibility was an influencing factor.

Having made the decision to go for it, I was now in the market for complementary products to facilitate monetisation of my blogs and the creation of other income streams within the framework I had in mind. It wasn’t long before I came across InstantAzon – a WordPress plugin from John Thornhill and Dave Nicholson which instantly produces relevant Amazon product links for use on any HTML or WordPress site. I also purchased Simple Traffic Solutions, BlogBuddy, Plug In Auction Profits, 30 Min SEO and Copy Paste Commissions: all of which cover areas in my intended sphere of operations.

Imagine my surprise – and delight to be fair – when I discovered that the majority of my “chosen gurus” were all connected to John Thornhill and that John also lived within 100 miles of me. I managed to wangle an invitation to one of John’s fantastic webinars, in which he tells his story warts and all – and I immediately felt a connection and empathy which multiplied my confidence in my IM prospects a thousandfold. To cut a long story short, after some deep thinking about the feasability of putting my business together in my own time by myself and attempting to integrate all the products I now proudly owned, I decided to swallow my pride, scrape together my pennies and invest in John’s offer of mentoring through his acclaimed Partnership To Success programme – so here I am!

The connection between my gaggle of gurus and John is the self-same P2S programme, which they too have followed.  I am now embarking on Week 2 of that programme, and this is the point where my blog starts to burgeon – bells, whistles and all on their way so be prepared!!

Til my next post then – and thanks for sticking with me so far………….

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